Tired of Seeing Dirty Grout Lines?

Count on us for professional floor cleaning services in Denver or Navarre, FL

While tile flooring is typically easy to maintain, it can be frustrating trying to clean stained grout lines. Don't spend hours scrubbing each line with a toothbrush and baking soda-reach out to Surface Masters, Inc. for help. We offer professional floor cleaning services, including tile and grout cleaning, to residential and commercial clients in Navarre, FL and the surrounding areas.

We can also strip and wax floors, clean showers, repair grout, buff floors and remove grime from hardwood flooring. Trust us to make your flooring look brand-new again.

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Why is it so important to clean your tile & grout lines?

Why is it so important to clean your tile & grout lines?

Not sure if you need tile and grout cleaning? Because tile is porous, it stains easily and can absorb all kinds of things. This makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, which you don't want in your kitchen or bathroom.

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