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Kegan Lung

Kegan Lung is a local entrepreneur who has been in the service industry since 1999. Throughout his professional career he has obtained multiple certifications which has aided his professional reputation. These include, EPA Type 1 certification, certified instructor for Love-and-Logic, and an appliance repair certification, to name a few. Kegan is also a children book author with 2 published titles available and is currently working on a few new inventions in his brother Jed’s garage.

Along with his good friend Randy Barnes and brother Sam Lung, Kegan has recently taken over Surface Masters Inc. In order to help grow the company and continue providing 5 star services to our future customers. With an eye for detail, he adds value to every job he does. He is often known for giving away services that other companies charge for, just to let his customers know that he cares.

Sam Lung has been working at Surface Masters for the majority of  his whole life. Straight out of high school he continued with the company helping his father Darryl, run it to the best of his  ability. In ’99 he started working at Home Depot to further his understanding of home construction, design, and maintenance.  During this time, Sam acquired several certifications from multiple flooring and paint manufacturers for selling, proper installation, and maintenance of products. Most of which are related to carpet, vinyl, tile & grout, laminates, and adhesives. This knowledge helps Surface Masters to continue providing 5 star services for all of our customers.

Sam also attended NATE training and certification courses to learn everything he could about heating, ventilation,  and air conditioning’s best practices. He has a significant understanding of HVAC, and the science that is involved in it.

It’s not that uncommon for customers to say, “Sam is a home owners best friend. If it’s broke, he can probably fix it.”

*Side note, Sam is also our in house computer technician, as well as the admin for this website. If you experience an issues or have any suggestions, please notify him.


Sam Lung


Randy Barnes

Randy Barnes much like Sam and Kegan worked on jobsites at a very young age. In the 70’s, his father Eldon had a business called, Artistic Carpet Cleaning in California. It was then that he met his new neighbor who would ultimately become his life time friend/brother, Darryl Lung.

Randy has always been known for his quick wit, and ability to always get people to smile. In his late teens, he attended Clown College. There he honed his smile cracking skills, along with many other entertaining talents! We promise you this: If you are with Randy, you are laughing and having a good time! But don’t be fooled, time spent with Randy is often a learning lesson. He is a master at many complicated trades. His skills are very diverse, which he takes very seriously. He may be a joker, but when it comes time for tedious planning, or very intricate work, he’s the most skilled. His work often takes our breath away!

During the beginning of the millennium, Randy started a company named Nature Wood. He handcrafts just about anything you can imagine out of wood. Once he mastered that skill, he also started working with and installing granite and marble countertops. Cutting and polishing his works of art, in his shop in Haze, Kansas.

Recently we were lucky enough to have Randy move back to Colorado. Where now he looks to make Surface Masters even better. We are lucky to have him, and soon our customer will agree. You will love having him in your home.

Darryl Lung served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam.  After being honorably discharged, he moved in to a place in California where he met his neighbor – Eldon. Darryl learned all about the flooring industry from Eldon.  Together they started UNISTAR Carpet Care in the mid 70’s. Then in ’79, he moved back to Denver with Eldon’s son Randy. The two of them worked together for many years.

Darryl became the “Guy to ask” for his expertise in all types of flooring. If you ask anyone who has been in the flooring industry for over 20 years, they probably know him. And they will gladly tell you Darryl is known for pleasing his customers with his sweet nature and extreme eye for detail.

Starting in the mid 80’s, Darryl used to take his two sons (Sam and Kegan) to work with him, just as soon as they were able to hold a tool. Darryl’s motto was always, “You can only do… the very best you can do. There’s a problem if you can’t look the customer in the eye, and with a firm handshake, truthfully tell them that the job is complete. When in fact, if you didn’t do your best, then there is still work to be done.” It was this attitude that propelled Darryl’s career forward.  He never needed to advertised; being that, all he needed was his praises via word-of-mouth.

In recent years, Darryl is finely is able to enjoy a much deserved retirement. However, he still likes to get his hands dirty. Whenever the boys can, they take Darryl to work with them. Just as he did when they were young. He still points out small details that he felt were missed, and even jumps in to help finish the job.

It’s only because of Darryl that this company exists! With that, we have made it our mission to continue to run the business similarly. Customers come first, and utilizing his motto, we know the job was done right! That’s because we did our very best!


Darryl Lung

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